This guided visualization experience will take you on a journey up the River of Life to meet with your future self. This meditation was created for you to receive the answers that you may seek from your wiser, higher Self.


At different times throughout our lives, we all seek to understand things at a deeper level and gain a higher perspective. When we understand that we truly do have all of the answers that we seek within ourselves, we desire a way to go inward and receive the information we are seeking. This guided meditation is a way for you to align your energy to your higher Self and receive those answers (and any other wisdom or knowings) that you seek.


*Running time - 12 min, 19 seconds

**You will receive an email with a zipfile containing this recording. Should you have trouble with opening the file, message me directly and I will resend it to you in a different format. Thank you! Kristy

River of Life Journey to Meet Future Self

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