In a practice of surrendering that which has become difficult to hold on to, this guided visualization exercise was created to assist you in releasing things that you may be carrying for another.

We are energetic light Beings and we are all connected by the love within us. We care so deeply for one another and in that love and caring for another, we may unconsciously begin to carry another’s hurt, or sorrow, or pain, or suffering, etc.

What we come to realize through our life’s journey is that it is not necessary to carry anything for another.

Each and every human came into this world equipped with all they need to handle what life offers them. When we choose to carry that weight for someone we love, we unintentionally don’t allow them the opportunity to find it within themselves to handle their own life’s journey, their own life lessons, their own power. We end up unintentionally weighed down by their “stuff” and they end up unable to show up for the fullness of themselves.

Releasing what we are carrying for another does not cause harm to them, or more heaviness for them. It simply allows each and every individual the opportunity to make a conscious choice to show up for themselves in each moment of life and work with where they are at, on all levels.


*Running time - 9 mins

**You will receive an email with a zipfile containing this recording. Should you have trouble with opening the file, message me directly and I will resend it to you in a different format. Thank you! Kristy

Returning What You Are Carrying For Another

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