This guided Body Scan visualization offers you a pathway to arrive into your body and observe what is being felt from within. This meditation was created for you to gain access into the various parts of your body that are seeking your attention. 


Whether you feel tension, pain, heavinesss, or stagnant energy, these feelings signal us to pay attention and become curious about what is going on inside of our body. The human body is remarkable and the ability for a body to self heal is aided when you can take the time to become still, tune in, listen to, and honor what your body is seeking to relay to you.


There is immense power available to us when our intention is aligned with inspired action. This guided meditation is a way for you to incorporate your awareness, your intention, and inspired action towards releasing from your your body that which no longer serves you and aligning with that which does.


Running Time: 13 min, 32 seconds

Body Scan Visualization Exercise

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