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Kristy DuChateau is an Energy Intuitive, Teacher, and Spiritual Guide on the path to awakening. Throughout the journey of life, one can find that they have forgotten their true essence. Kristy offers herself as a Divine Channel and Guide; holding the energetic space while using her unique healing gifts to collaborate with her clients on their transformative wellness journeys. She assists with bringing the unconscious to light. Whether it be unconscious thoughts, behaviors, attachments, conditionings, familial and/or ancestral energies, she will guide you through the release and transformation of those energies; retrieving and reviving any lost parts of yourself; realigning you with your most authentic, most complete, most well Self.

Your healing journey and evolution is unique to you, encompassing all levels of your mind, body and Spirit. Kristy’s holistic approach allows you to navigate this soul-led process with truth, clarity, and empowerment. Her techniques are intuitively led and individually based to aid in the healing on any and all levels of your Being.

Kristy offers In-Person and Remote Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions, Energy Clearing for Homes/Properties, Trainings, Mentorships, and Retreats.

Services Offered


Services Offered

In-Person and Remote Sessions Available

An Intuitive Healing Session is for anyone who is feeling lost or stuck in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual realms of their Being. Each session is highly personalized and Divinely guided to allow individuals the space, understanding, and tools to do their internal work; allowing oneself to move past barriers, release what needs to go, reconnect with their true Self, and heal on all levels. Life is calling each of us forward and Kristy is here to help you navigate your journey with courage, clarity and grace.

First Level Energy Healing Training & Reiki I Attunement

Innumerable styles of energy healing exist and are used throughout the world. I aim to offer a way for discovery and personal evolution for your unique path with the use of your Divine Healing gifts. In this First Level Energy Healing Training we will take a deep dive into our energy bodies and work from our current state towards an alignment of, and renewal of, the light-energy within. Our main focus of Energy Healing will be around Reiki and with that, you will receive your Reiki I Attunement which enables you to become a channel for this healing energy. Once attuned, you have the ability to offer Reiki to yourself and others for the entirety of your life. 

Limited class size. | Saturday, April 17, 2021 from 10a-3p | Pre-registration required.

Second Level Energy Healing Training & Reiki II Attunement

In this Second Level Energy Healing Training, we will continue to focus our attention and understanding of Reiki Energy and the immeasurable ways it works on all aspects of our Being. Our physical body is the densest aspect of our Being and our bodies are always speaking to us and relaying information to us, the question arises: are we listening? This portion of the training will take you deeper into the realm of the Energetics within yourself when it comes to healing, which will allow for you to better understand the Energetics outside of you.


You will also receive your Reiki II attunement and three healing symbols that will help you take your Reiki practice to a higher level. The power and activation of these specific Reiki symbols come from the Level II attunement. These symbols strengthen the effects of your Reiki practice by bringing the mental and emotional aspects of healing to a deeper level.

Limited class size. | Saturday, May 8, 2021 from 10a-3p | Pre-registration required.

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